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As a maker I am working all the time. you don't need to be making objects with your hands to be working. I need to rest my physical body due to past injuries. but its so important for your brain body to rest. I draw. I draw in my head a lot. I close my eyes and imagine shapes and workings out before I even put pen to paper, I think I have always done this, well I think I lived in my head a lot, like daydreaming really. when I see it kinda complete in my head I draw in my book.

A lot of the time I just make it. sometimes I should just leave it in my head because it looks great, but most of the time I make and see how it goes. the materials have there own voice so great surprises come from that.

the joy I have making. metal has given me a freedom and spontaneity I couldn't find in ceramics, its like we fit together, its been a long road to find it, but I have and still can't believe that I have, like you search and search for that all your life and then it comes and it all fits.


My head and heart still search for a sense of belonging to the earth, where did I come from, what is my generational connection, why I exist, who gave me this crazy mind. where does my drive come from, memories, past present and future marks we leave on ourselves on objects on the planet.

I need to feel I belong, to feel at home or at peace, to feel safe, objects I make reflect that. a ladder to get closer to my dad, or a window to look in or out of, objects that we use always that stay in our minds, the familiar. I explore these ideas everyday. working out the puzzles of what I do and who I am and why.


I gave myself permission when I started jewellery, not that long ago to just DO, to go thru it all and feel it, too many people directed me in the past ceramic life that's why I stopped, I listened to them and not me, but not now, because I have nothing to lose this time, I finally trust myself to just be and accept what comes out of heart, head, hands.  

I am totally blessed to have found a tribe of souls in the jewellery world that guide, instruct, listen, laugh, mentor, respect, nurture my life. I listen to myself in a positive light now, finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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