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artist       jane frances reilly

stacks on

In a world full of products without meaning, Jane strives to make sense of things through interpreting shadows, what lies behind and what lies in mark making.


educated as a ceramicist and Jeweller, I found metal allows me to explore shapes, vessels and other forms with freedom and immediacy. I tell stories of memories thru marks and color, exploring the domestic world, the home, each piece different. Intuitive dialogue forms between myself and the work, as we sit quietly and whisper to each other. a conversation begins, we all work together, the bumps I’ve hammered in the metal, the drips of paint or marks made accidental or with purpose, I allow myself to trust my intuition. my drawings talk of the home, the landscape, the garden, weaving itself into the human experience of building boundaries around us. The view is thru a window and what can be seen, what lines are there and I just let the abstract world I prefer to live in come out. cracks form, moss grows, paint drips, concrete splits, streaks of natural and human graffiti, both still and transient. these marks belong to all of us, they are accidental and they are all secret. We all leave some sort of mark in this life and we are all connected by the footpaths we travel on and the roads we use.

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